ChinaLatina by Chef Beni

Asian PanLatin Fusion - Las Vegas

Chef Beni’s “eclectic Latin” fare, is completely his own creation. Chef Beni’s cuisine can only be described as Pan-Latin.



4865 S Pecos Rd Ste 4,
Las Vegas, NV 89121


+1 725-735-2972

What is Pan-Latin?

Inventive NYC style Chinese fusion cuisine with a flavorful, innovative and artisanal Latin flare

COVID-19 Update

Attention all customers, due to the COVID-19 we will be closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s with hours from 11am to 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday starting on May 20th. We will have online ordering, please download the clover app, Grubhub along with UberEats. Orders are for delivery or pickup along with limited indoor seating. Thank you for your understanding and we will see you all soon. Chef Beni


This Latin-Asian Fusión cuisine is to die for. Chef Beni was kind enough to share some of his favorite dishes. It is hard to choose one plate as everything on the menu is finger-licking good. Rosy the cashier is such a sweet heart. She made us feel at home. Everyone very attentive. The place is very clean and is following all Covid-19 safety procedures. When you visit admire the decorations on the walls as they are very meaningful.
Luisa P.
Las Vegas, NV
In a city saturated with international joints, Chef Beni has found a nondescript corner where he can safely sling out fresh flavors and creative dishes, far enough away from the Strip and central enough that this place should be on every local's radar.

My buddy and I, both home from China due to the coronavirus, stopped in for a bite and to catch up. We got the Meat Egg Rolls, Roasted Sweet Banana, Tempura Shishito Peppers, and I got the Lechon Cu-Bahn-Mi Sandwich. The space inside is bright and sensibly furnished to allow for social distancing and getting comfortable. We opted to eat at the outside table (bad judgment call, it was too hot outside).

But I am not here to talk about the space or service. I came here to tell you about this FOOD.

Where other Asian/Latin fusion restaurants in Vegas will skimp on spices or seasonings to better harmonize between the two extremes, Beni takes the craft of Asian cuisine and the pop of Latin dishes at their respective extremes and runs with it. Every plate brought out to us was composed with care. There couldn't have been 6 square inches of unused space between our four plates. Every dish is accompanied with a special slaw or other side that brings out its most distinct, richest flavors. We demolished the bananas; the tempura shishitos held us at bay for awhile with their kick, but with literally every bite blending transcontinental flavors, those didn't last long either.

When you visit, you *must* get an order of egg rolls. The way they are cut and prepared by Beni makes them perfect for sharing.

This is a killer spot tucked into a strip mall that I've driven past without noticing more times than I can count. Well worth the search. If you're looking for an artistic twist on your favorite dishes but don't want to deal with tourists, put this on your list.

Also, Chef Beni? Hell of a guy. If you get the chance, Beni is welcoming and passionate about what he does. It's always nice meeting the person who made your meal possible.
Jack R
Detroit, MI
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